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Cambodia drivers Taxi

  Cambodian Drivers Taxi Car Rental   is the leading car rental group within very selected English speaking drivers, we had varieties transportations such as Tuk Tuks, Taxi cabs, mini buses and big buses. We provide car rental service to everyone who need local guides as your private workers to go through Cambodia, for holiday or working conditions. We are able to talk to you with your native language The Experience within the driving as local guide, We have been worked in the driving and local guide since 1995 till now, we are well able to go around Cambodia, if we got hired to go through the country. Cambodian Drivers  is found by a Cambodian adventurous guy whose name is called  Pho  who likes  take adventuring around Cambodia and working as a personal tour guide, driver, meeting/talking to all people across Cambodia for everyone likes to visit/work in the country of Cambodia, from capital of Phnom Penh to countryside. The private tour guide/driver job was started since 2012 at the